Friday, April 2, 2010

Heat Discharged Cranking

Recently I fished a bass tournament in Braidwood Illinois at Braidwood Lake. Originally I was unfamiliar with the waters that I would be fishing, but had an idea that something fast and aggressive would lure those early spawn bass to bite. I arrived at around 6:30 A.M. with low temps of about 28oF and high winds above 30mph. Right off the bat I new this would be a tough one even if this was a heat discharged lake. I began throwing a spinner bait around shorelines and rocky points and had no success. An hour after fishing a spinner I changed to a white Bandit 200 series crankbait and picked up my first and only bass of the day. A chunker 16.5in smallie that had just spawned. Anglers around me noticed this and switched there patterns to cranks and Strike King Sexy Shad lipless crankbaits which posed a deadly threat all around to me because I, of course, forgot to bring my lipless cranks. If I would have given up on my fast bait theory I would have never landed my catch of the day that put me in 3rd over all. This is one thing to consider, always think outside of the box even if the air temperature is cold. Fish in 30-degree weather but choose your lure pattern as if you are fishing in 70. That is my key tip for you especially in the pre-spawn bass season.