Friday, January 1, 2010

Summer Tips for Sriped Slabs

Many crappie anglers look for crappie through trolling, though I have found a different technique. Trolling may be a technique used to catch large, more, and healthier crappie I personally I feel that casting and retrieving can have the same results as trolling does. 

Crappie feast on schooling minnows in mid-summer and late spring making it easier for you to choose the right lures and bait, whether it be a live minnow or a small crankbait. If you are a crappie fanatic, you know how hard it is to get into slab territory. You may have to go through twenty crappie before you finally land a keeper. Though this problem can be solved.

I have noticed that when I do troll for crappie, I have a tendency to land many small ones and a fewer big ones. But when I flip and cast for crappie, I can narrow down the size and species that I'm looking for. Many white and black crappie hide in submerged trees, logs, and other structural pile-ons, and to bring em' out I flip grubs, crankbaits, and small worms. Now I'm not saying that you can't catching lunker crappie by trolling, I'm just stating that flipping can be an easy shortcut to catching striped slabs. 

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